Big Gay Kiss Contest!

I wanted to start off our week – by reminding us of what we are working so hard to achieve….
Take a minute and watch this wonderful video entry
Marriage Equality USA has partnered with Interactive Male on the Big Gay Kiss campaign this summer.  We have been working with a creative, witty and passionate Canadian named Joe Rachert at this company whose enthusiasm and support reminds me of the love behind the revolution we have all helped kick off together. 

Interactive Male’s Big Gay Kiss Contest is the fun contest with a serious message: Kiss for equality and win $10K! Enter the contest now by submitting a video or photo of two guys kissing. Every month, the best photo (as chosen by our judges) will receive a webcam. On November 9, 2009, the best video (as chosen by our judges) will be awarded the cool $10,000 prize!  Better still, Interactive Male is donating $5 for every eligible video and $1 for every eligible photo to Marriage Equality USA, to support legally recognized marriage for everyone, whatever their gender identity or sexual orientation.

If you are married, engaged or dating husband material – I invite you to take a moment out from fighting the good fight and just KISS for the cause.  I promise it will make you feel better ( :  And if you win, you can donate that $10K back to the cause and be the donor you want to see in the world ( :

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