Hope’s Update 3/6

This past week I achieved my weekly foundation miles of 120. I am on target to at least reach this number for this week. To put this into perspective. 120 miles per week is ~22% of the total AIDS/Lifecycle Ride this coming Spring. This is a good base to build from.
I asked SF AIDS Foundation for some other local riders to hook up with during this training period. They looked into their database and came up empty-handed. So it looks like I am it. I am who Visalia (and its surrounding cities) are having represent us all at this years’ AIDS/Lifecycle Ride.
So what to do?  Send me. With as little as $10. You can send me to do the ride. One $10 equals 1 mile. Donate here\goto\Hope AND …. lets have me ride representing us well. I am fortunate to have been virtually introduced to Carolyn Simpson. I will be riding some with her during the trip. Best yet, she has informed me that she wears a habit during the entire ride. You can see the group she rides with at
So all I gots to say is………………how shall I represent us? Shall it be in jersey only? How about a big spongy fruit-of-the-loom head-dress that tops my helmet? Fruit to represent our vast AG area while in the spirit of the fun this cause provokes? Let me know what you think. …..
Thank you to all those that have supported the SF AIDS Foundation. Your donations go to fighting HIV/AIDS. The ‘ride’ doesn’t end until AIDS ends.
Much love to you all.


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