It’s Skittles Season!!


Your local LGBT softball team, the Skittles, will be taking to the field on Friday for our season opener! I hope you can all come out and show your support again this year! We have a few new players to welcome and of course, our tried and true ones.

The first game is this Friday, September 23 at Plaza Park in Visalia, Field 1. The complete schedule is below:

09/23:                    7:10 pm       Field 1

09/30:                    9:30 pm       Field 2

10/07:                    8:20 pm       Field 2

10/14:                    9:30 pm       Field 2

10/21:                    7:10 pm       Field 4

10/28:                    6:00 pm       Field 2

11/04:                    7:10 pm       Field 3

11/11:                    6:00 pm       Field 4

11/18:                    7:10 pm       Field 2

12/02:                    7:10 pm       Field 1

I’m looking forward to another great season! See you on the field…
And remember, Skittles= Friends, Fans & Fun!

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